New Series: Mink Island

Mink Island is a little islet at the end of Pleasant Point Road, across the harbour from Lockeport, the town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia where I grew up. Most likely you won’t find Mink Island on a map because it is merely a rock with barely enough earth on it to support a scraggly bunch of spruce but that is part of its charm. Where or how it got its name, I can only speculate. I suspect there is an interesting story to be told.

​My fascination begins with: how does this rock support any growing thing let alone a tree? It also embodies elements of the work I like to do: the sea, the granite rocks and those scruffy spruce that survive on this ragged shoreline facing the Atlantic Ocean.

​A sketch that was on my design board for a year was there to remind me to create a series of small works using Mink Island as inspiration. Sometimes it is nice not to have to think of a different subject for each work, but instead concentrate on the topic in its many natural forms, the sky light and its effect on water. In this case, it is the variations that happen in a daily cycle of the tide and what it covers and uncovers caught my imagination.

​One more thing: When you stand on the shore looking at Mink Island with the incoming tide, the sound of the water rippling over the rocks is a symphony that unexpectedly still informs the visual elements of the work.

Laurie Swim September, 2018

Have a look at Laurie's new work

Laurie's hands are never idle! She's got a brand-new creation ready for the world! This newest artwork is number 4 in her Mink Island series--and it won't be around for long. The first three pieces sold before she finished them all! There's still a chance to view it in the gallery before the next lucky person discovers it, so call Larry at 1.877.272.2220 to arrange to view and purchase. Don't worry--we also have prints available and there's lots more beautiful art where this came from! When are you coming?

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